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Making a bound volume, the indexed compilation of transaction documents prepared for reference at the end of a matter, used to be a time-consuming and paper-heavy process that caused a lot of frustration. Given that over 1,500 bound volumes are produced each year in Clifford Chance’s London office alone, this was fertile territory for one of the firm's first Continuous Improvement projects.

A team of people involved in the process – from partner to print room – was brought together to identify inefficiencies and areas for improvement. The original process tended to be initiated late in the timetable of the transaction and involved a great deal of duplication and unnecessary printing. The revised process now begins at a much earlier stage and draws more heavily on technology to avoid wasted effort and paper.

The new process has reduced the cost of producing a bound volume by approximately 60% and has reduced the time taken to dispatch a bound volume following the end of a transaction by up to 80%.