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Clifford Chance

Access to education

Community & pro bono

As a Responsible Business, we are committed to promoting social mobility through access to education. We collaborate on a wide variety of access to education programmes, from mentoring young people, to helping adults back into employment.

Lawyers and business services professionals across our offices, dedicate their time, expertise and resources to an array of access to education initiatives. In Hong Kong, Clifford Chance volunteers read with autistic children from the Heep Hong society, which helps the children enter the mainstream school system.

We also provide long-term support to struggling schools. In Thailand, financial and volunteering support from our Bangkok office has helped Watsheeprakao school turn from a school at risk to a 'model school'. In the Czech Republic, volunteers from our Prague office have been visiting the Kaspersky Hory children's home since 2008, planning and financing outings and activities from skiing to educational visits.

Another example of this work is our Raising Aspirations programme, which helps bridge the divide between the playground and the corporate world, showing young people how they can achieve their future goals. Every month, 30-50 school students visit our London office for a series of interactive sessions about what it is like to work in legal and other business roles. We regularly partner with clients to provide participants with a broader range of perspectives. Our Hong Kong office also hosts a careers carousel programme, in collaboration with Hong Kong Unison, a local NGO.

Access to education for adults is also important to us. In Germany and the UK, we partner with local organisations to help refugees and economic migrants develop their English skills and improve their job prospects. Our London office works with the Peabody Trust to provide mock interviews for people seeking to return to the workplace after a period outside of employment. The Clifford Chance Foundation has also funded a project run by the Koestler Trust, which uses the medium of art to help ex-offenders, secure patients and detainees change their lives.

For more information about our commitment to access to justice, please read our Responsible Business reports.