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As part of our commitment to diversity and inclusivity, we support our people in establishing diversity networks, which focus on the recruitment, retention and advancement of diverse employees.

Arcus is our global LGBT+ community. Derived from the Latin for rainbow, Arcus is a powerful symbol of inclusivity and diversity that seeks to promote a culture where employees feel comfortable about being open about their sexual orientation.

In September 2015, Global Managing Partner Matthew Layton helped launch the firm's Arcus Allies programme for employees who do not necessarily identify as LGBT+ but who wish to act as advocates for equal rights and fair treatment of LGBT+ colleagues.

Arcus runs many events throughout the year, most notably its series of Pride art exhibitions, which showcase the work of some of the best LGBT+ and supporter artists. We now host Arcus Pride art exhibitions in Amsterdam, Germany, Hong Kong, London, New York, Paris, Perth, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo, and Washington DC.

In the US, our Black and Latino Subcommittee and Asian and Pacific Islanders Subcommittee have both been established for over a decade. We also have women's networks the Americas, Asia, Amsterdam, France, Italy and London. Our London BAME network was launched in 2016 and joins these other networks in providing support, networking opportunities and social events.

All of our networks play an important and valued role in making the firm an inclusive and diverse place to work.