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Clifford Chance is committed to managing its environmental impact and reducing its CO2 emissions. As a leading global law firm, our clients expect us to set high standards for environmental performance across our offices.

In 2013, we published targets for reduction in energy emissions, paper type and consumption, and general waste and paper recycling. We have been proactive in measuring our progress towards policy goals since 2008. We regularly evaluate our environmental footprint and continue to implement energy saving and recycling initiatives. We are also mindful of impacts caused by our suppliers, and aim to source sustainable products and services, where possible. As of FYE 2015/16, we have achieved a 9.78% reduction in energy consumption and a 10.31% reduction in paper consumption, per FTE, from our 2012/2013 baseline.

All of our offices are dedicated to reducing our impact. It is a team performance. Some offices are able to make direct technical improvements, such as the installation of LED lighting, "follow-me" printing, motion sensor lighting controls and individually-controlled air conditioning systems. Other offices achieve reductions through emphasising the practical measures they can take, such as switching off equipment when it is not in use and participating in Earth Hour, which will see homes and businesses switching off their lights between 8:30 and 9:30 pm on 30 March 2019. We have firm-wide video conferencing technology.

Our Singapore office was awarded the environmental Green Mark Award – Gold standard by the Building and Construction Agency. Our Luxembourg office is BREEAM certified. We have been awarded ISO 14001 certification in London, and the LEED certification in Washington, DC. Our Amsterdam office has been climate neutral since 2009. Our London office has recently implemented an ISO 50001 certified energy management system.