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We believe people prefer to be part of an organisation that values sustainability and seeks to have a positive effect on the environment. We provide opportunities for our people to contribute to sustainability and develop their environmental expertise.

Promoting environmental initiatives by our employees is a key part of our firm-wide policy. These range from pro bono legal work, which builds our capacity in relevant areas of law, to neighbourhood projects, which strengthen our relationships with our local communities.

Recent pro bono initiatives include working with the Lynx UK Trust to increase biodiversity by reintroducing the lynx wildcat to the UK. The Trust plans to transport a number of wild lynx to Kielder in Northumberland, where they will be released and tracked using satellite collars. Global pro bono partner Roger Leese and associate Adam Eagle are both members of the project team and assist the Trust on a strategic and operational level. This includes advising on a licence application for the project, as well as complex domestic and international law issues, such as tort liability, animal welfare, species protection law and the potential impact of Brexit on the Trust's activities.

Our people are frequently involved in community cleaning initiatives. For example, members of our Amsterdam business services department recently teamed up with a local community organisation to help with the ecological management of the 7.5km-long museum railway line between Bovenkirk and Amsterdam. In Tokyo, we regularly volunteer to pick up litter on the Arakawa riverbed and, in Milan, we recently cleaned and repainted the walls of an elementary school.