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Inclusion & diversity

At Clifford Chance we believe everyone is entitled to the same equality of opportunity and experience. Each of us can face a range of personal, work and societal pressures that can impact our mental health and wellbeing.

We realise that working in a law firm can be a pressurized and demanding environment. Our wellbeing agenda aims to ensure our people are able to recognise and appreciate the importance of maintaining good mental health and in building their resilience and ability to operate healthily and successfully.

Eliminating mental health stigma

Supporting the mental health and wellbeing of our colleagues is critical to the strong values that we promote at Clifford Chance yet for us to deliver the outcomes we want we need to be relentless in our challenging of the stigma around mental health. The fear of being judged or treated differently however can prevent people from seeking support, and it's only by eliminating stigma that real change can be made.

Global Director for Inclusion Tiernan Brady recently talked to The Global Business Collaboration for Better Workplace Mental Health about how organisations can reduce mental health stigma through targeted campaigns.

Clifford Chance's Tech Group marks Mental Health Awareness Week

With conversation centred around wellbeing and self-care in the tech world, the second Tech Group D&I session of 2022 celebrated Mental Health Awareness Week by welcoming the former Head of Wellbeing and Mindfulness at Google, Ruchika Sikri.

As an Asian women in the world of tech, Ruchika shared her lived experiences and struggles with mental health as she climbed the corporate ladder during her impressive career working in global tech companies such as Microsoft, Cisco and Google. Ruchika shared practical daily tips on mindfulness, resilience and stress management as well as highlighting the importance of avoiding burn out, supporting others and how stepping into our vulnerability is actually a sign of strength.

Clifford Chance strengthens support for colleagues during menopause and life transitions with launch of Peppy in the UK


Clifford Chance has partnered with Peppy, a digital healthcare and wellbeing platform that allows organisations to support their people during major life transitions – menopause, fertility and parenthood. The secure mobile app connects users to real-life experts, offers supportive guidance and access to community networks. The support is 24/7 and Clifford Chance is introducing Peppy to all colleagues in the UK from 1 March 2021.

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Clifford Chance collaborates with business leaders to launch The Global Business Collaboration for Better Workplace Mental Health


Clifford Chance has partnered with a coalition of global organisations and business leaders who are committed to advancing mental health awareness and best practices in the workplace to launch The Global Business Collaboration for Better Workplace Mental Health.

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Becoming ambassadors for change

Inclusion is for all of us. If it isn’t then it isn’t inclusion at all.

Our 2021 Inclusion Report celebrates some of the amazing people in our firm who have been demonstrating their values through campaigning for inclusion.

Enjoy reading their stories.


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