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Clifford Chance

Tagged: 'Oil & gas'

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Russian 'deoffshorisation law': bring the boys back home!

20 November 2014


On 18 November 2014 the State Duma (the lower chamber of Russian Parliament) approved a set of amendments to the Russian Tax Code for the purpose of implementing what has commonly been described as Russia's "deoffshorisation law" ("Deoffshorisation...

Der Mindestlohn kommt – und er geht alle etwas an!

13 November 2014


Ab dem 1. Januar 2015 gilt in Deutschland ein allgemeiner flächendeckender gesetzlicher Mindestlohn. "Die Höhe des Mindestlohns beträgt ab dem 1. Januar 2015 brutto 8,50 EUR je Zeitstunde." Klingt einfach – und viele...

Australian Energy and Resources Update

3 November 2014


Welcome to our monthly update on Australian energy and resources-related legal developments. The highlight this month is the release of the final report by the New South Wales Chief Engineer into the State's coal seam gas industry. The report acknowledges...

New Petroleum Law: The Future of Oil & Gas in Mozambique

15 October 2014


Due to significant natural gas discoveries in 2013, Mozambique has become the focus of attention for numerous international oil companies.  In response, the Mozambican Parliament approved Petroleum Law (Law No. 21/2014) on 14 August 2014, repealing the previous...

Australian Energy and Resources Update

1 October 2014


Welcome to our monthly update of Australian energy and resources-related legal developments. This month saw the release of a draft report into Australia’s competition policy and a green paper on the country's energy market. The release of both documents...

Inversions: Is This the End?

24 September 2014


On Monday, September 22, 2014, the Treasury and IRS issued Notice 2014-52, which makes corporate inversions more difficult to accomplish and diminishes the economic benefit of inverting.  The guidance described in the Notice will apply to inversions completed...

Global Intellectual Property Newsletter 09/14

16 September 2014


In the present issue we address some of the latest developments in US and European technology law, e.g., an update on the status of the Trade Secret Directive, recent case-law on fee shifting in US patent litigations and on German employee inventions, as well...