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Clifford Chance

Tagged: 'Restructuring & insolvency'

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The art of the possible – the APCOA restructuring

15 December 2014


The English Court has sanctioned schemes of arrangement in respect of the APCOA Group – a European car park operator headquartered in Germany. It is the second round of schemes for the Group in the year. The latest schemes facilitate a full scale restructuring,...

New tax rules for restructuring and amending UK corporate debt

11 December 2014


In this year's Autumn Statement, the Government announced new tax rules for restructuring and amending UK corporate debt. This is likely to have wide implications for debt restructurings, as well as distressed amendments and refinancings (such as "amend...

Final text for the Amended EU Regulation on Insolvency proceedings

10 December 2014


The process to update and extend the existing European Regulation on Insolvency Proceedings (EUIR) was commenced almost 2 years ago to the day, now the final text for the Amended Regulation has been published.  The final text is the result of much wrangling...

Russia Update: Summer/Autumn Issue 2014

8 December 2014


Hot topics discussed in the Summer / Autumn 2014 issue include: sanctions, Russian ban on selected food imports and the 'Rotenberg' Law deoffshorisation bill signed into law and Russian response to FATCA massive amendments to the Land Code new rules...

Foreign investment regulation in Australia

24 November 2014


Foreign investment in Australia is governed by a complex combination of law and policy. Inbound investments by foreign persons in Australian businesses and assets over stipulated thresholds will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis to determine whether the transaction...

Spanish Toll roads benefit from Insolvency Law reform

7 November 2014


Spain has introduced new insolvency legislation with effect from 6 September to deal with motorway toll roads in urgent need of restructuring. It allows for the public authorities to initiate a standard proposal to facilitate the restructuring of all concessionaires....

European Court gives guidance on the winding up directive for banks

6 November 2014


On 17 October 2014 a European Court in the case of Landsbanki hf v Merrill Lynch International Limited provided some much needed guidance on protecting the legitimate expectations of creditors and third parties for transactions entered into prior to the winding...

Vietnam: New bankruptcy law 2014 [Japanese translation]

30 October 2014


A new bankruptcy law was recently adopted by the National Assembly of Vietnam which will replace the bankruptcy law introduced in 2004.  This briefing will outline some of the significant changes that the new law introduces in Vietnam. Key issues A creditor's...