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Clifford Chance

Tagged: 'Restructuring & insolvency'

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Vietnam:New bankruptcy law 2014

15 September 2014


A new bankruptcy law was recently adopted by the National Assembly of Vietnam which will replace the bankruptcy law introduced in 2004. This briefing will outline some of the significant changes that the new law introduces in Vietnam.

Another step on the road to reform Spanish Insolvency Legislation

8 September 2014


6 September 2014 saw the publication of Decree-Act 11/2014, on urgent insolvency measures, passed on 5 September. This provision modifies substantial aspects of the Insolvency Act, above all in relation to arrangements with creditors and the sale of productive...

The amended Ukrainian insolvency law: key issues

18 August 2014


A number of significant amendments, to become effective on 19 January 2013, are being made to Ukraine's insolvency law (the "Insolvency Law"). The changes, which are likely to be subject to further amendment prior to becoming effective, are an attempt...

Loan trading across the globe

15 August 2014


The global financial markets have suffered much volatility since the onset of the financial crisis in 2008. This has impacted secondary loan trading volumes, however, 2013 saw the highest volume of loan trading activity (par and distressed) in both the US and...

A guide to European Restructuring and Insolvency procedures

25 July 2014


We are delighted to publish an updated version of our Guide to European restructuring and insolvency procedures. The Guide is designed to provide you with an overview of the relevant law in the diverse legal systems that operate across Europe. Its purpose is...

Fiscale eenheidsperikelen bij overnames

20 June 2014


In onze overnamepraktijk speelt de fiscaliteit natuurlijk altijd een rol. Behalve due diligence en de verkoop- of acquisitiestructuur, hebben de fiscale bepalingen in de koopovereenkomst onze aandacht. In de Nederlandse praktijk wordt vaak genoeg uit een grotere...