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Clifford Chance

Tagged: 'Debt capital markets'

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The bank trilemma

10 November 2011


From Basel III to the Independent Commission on Banking (ICB) and the Financial Transaction Tax (FTT), proposed new regulations will have a far-reaching impact on the way banks do business. Journalist Brian Thompson hears Clifford Chance partners discuss how...

The Eurozone Crisis and Eurobond Documentation

20 December 2011


The Eurozone crisis continues to dominate the global economic landscape. What was unthinkable last month – a discussion about the possibility of a Eurozone member departing from the currency union – has now been touched on publicly by leaders of European...

Italian Government Guarantees - Easing the pressure on Italian Banks

23 December 2011


The Italian government has reacted to the financial crisis by adopting Legislative Decree No. 201/2011 (the "Decree") which contemplates several stability measures. As far as the Italian banking system is concerned, Article 8 of the Decree provides...

New transparency regime for cash-settled derivatives

20 September 2011


For some years now, regulators in Italy and at the European level have focused on the need for greater transparency for holdings of cash-settled derivative instruments, mainly because these instruments may be used with an intent to elude the law. While debate...

Nuovo regime di trasparenza per derivati cash-settled

20 September 2011


La necessità di un regime di trasparenza ad hoc per la detenzione di strumenti finanziari derivati cash settled è da alcuni anni ormai al centro dell'attenzione dei regulators - a livello nazionale e comunitario - in considerazione delle finalità elusive...

Eligible collateral: Expanded for credit institutions as ECB 'STEPs' in

26 September 2011


Currently, in order to be eligible as collateral for Eurosystem monetary policy operations, securities issued by credit institutions have to be admitted to trading on a regulated market in the EEA. From 1 January 2012, this will be expanded to include securities...