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Clifford Chance

Tagged: 'Vietnam'

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A guide to anti-corruption legislation in Asia Pacific

3 June 2013


The purpose of this handbook is to provide an overview of the anti-corruption regimes in Asia Pacific. Each section features the key pieces of legislation and highlights how businesses operating in these countries should best deal with anti-corruption compliance....

Money laundering update

7 August 2012


The recent adoption of a new law to prevent and combat money laundering (the “AML Law”) by The National Assembly of Vietnam along with the existing Penal Code and the Law on Anti-Corruption provides a three-pronged approach to combating increasingly...

Vietnam: Securities update

2 October 2012


After much anticipation the Government has succeeded in issuing Decree 58 (dated 20 July 2012) implementing the amended Law on Securities (“Decree 58”). This is a significant step as the implementation on this new law introduces a number of key reforms...

Equitisation of Petrolimex

8 February 2011


In January 2010 Petrolimex was granted approval for a partial initial public offering (IPO) as part of Vietnam's renewed equitisation programme. This was followed in December 2010 by the company submitting an equitisation plan for government approval and on 21...

Taking Security in Vietnam

9 February 2011


Effective security is available although there are significant issues with respect to enforcement. This bulletin provides an overview of the types of security available in Vietnam, methods of enforcement, issues relating to specific assets and financing structures...

VIETNAM: Investment companies, ETFs and REIFs

17 April 2013


To add vitality to the securities market, Vietnam’s Ministry of Finance (“MOF”) recently introduced certain regulatory changes on foreign investors’ securities trading, and for the first time authorized the formation of securities investment...

A guide to Asia Pacific restructuring and insolvency procedures

10 August 2013


Covering 13 different jurisdictions within the Asia Pacific region, the guide is intended to provide you with a resource to meet your needs whether at the start of a transaction to ensure it is structured in a way to maximise returns, or when looking to exit...

Vietnam: Essential tips for successful investment

25 February 2014


With a population of over 87 million people, and one of the fastest growing economies in the world, Vietnam is proving to be an attractive place for foreign investors to do business. Over the past two decades, Vietnam’s economy has been developing rapidly...

Vietnam: Foreign share ownership in Vietnamese banks

6 February 2014


On 3 January 2014, the Government of Vietnam issued a new decree on the acquisition of shares by foreign investors in credit institutions in Vietnam. The new decree introduces significant new changes of importance to foreign investors investing in the banking...