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Clifford Chance

Tagged: 'India'

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The Indian Supreme Court upholds competence-competence

24 March 2014


In World Sport Group (Mauritius) Ltd v MSM Satellite (Singapore) Ltd, the Supreme Court of India held that issues of fraud should properly be dealt with initially by the arbitral tribunal in accordance with the arbitration agreements entered into between the...

A guide to antitrust and competition law in Asia Pacific

11 February 2014


This guide contains insights into 12 Asia-Pacific jurisdictions, including Australia, Mainland China, Hong Kong, India, Japan and Singapore, reflecting the experience and reach of the firm’s regional network; a depth of expertise that empowers our clients...

India: Essential tips for successful trading

31 January 2014


As the world’s largest democracy and second most populous country, India has an enormous domestic consumption base and a well-established legal system. Indian law shares basic principles of commercial law with Britain and other common law systems and all...

India's push for reform

31 January 2014


India is awash with jokes that 2013 is just like the 1990s all over again with the rupee plummeting against the dollar, high inflation and a balance of payments crisis. That sense of déjà vu extends to the regulatory developments currently taking...