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Clifford Chance

Tagged: 'Hong Kong'

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Clifford Chance advises on wave of hybrids, dim sums and vanilla bonds

19 August 2014


Leading international law firm Clifford Chance has advised on RMB15.5 billion of dim sum bonds and a total of US$10.8 billion across perpetual capital securities, convertible bonds and straight USD notes issuances since April this year. These issuances utilised...

Loan trading across the globe

15 August 2014


The global financial markets have suffered much volatility since the onset of the financial crisis in 2008. This has impacted secondary loan trading volumes, however, 2013 saw the highest volume of loan trading activity (par and distressed) in both the US and...

Offshore bond issuance eased: SAFE ‎issued rules to facilitate cross-border ‎lending by PRC companies and further ‎consults on relaxing cross-border ‎security regulations 离岸债券发行更为便利:外汇局放宽境内企业跨境放款管理并就跨境担保新规征求意见

7 August 2014



ICMA consults further on sovereign bonds

25 July 2014


The International Capital Market Association has followed up its consultation paper of December 2013 about collective action and pari passu clauses in sovereign bonds with supplementary questions about how collective action clauses should be structured in order...