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Clifford Chance

Tagged: 'United States'

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FCPA Successor Liability: Due Diligence and Integration Are Key

21 November 2014


On November 7, 2014, the U.S. Department of Justice issued a Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Opinion (Opinion Procedure Release 14-02) providing guidance to companies seeking to identify and mitigate risk relating to the acquisition of foreign targets. ...

A dozen chances to do it right: Decision points for export compliance

5 November 2014


When investigators are forming their view as to whether a non-US company should be criminally prosecuted for violations of US export controls and economic sanctions, they examine the company's choices at key decision points - how many times did the company...

New ICMA sovereign collective action and pari passu clauses

6 October 2014


ICMA's new model aggregated collective action clauses and pari passu clause for sovereign issuers offer flexibility to sovereigns wishing to restructure their debts while at the same time providing robust protection to noteholders through the procedures and...