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Clifford Chance announces 18 new counsel and consultant appointments in Asia Pacific

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6 May 2022

Clifford Chance announces 18 new counsel and consultant appointments in Asia Pacific

Leading international law firm Clifford Chance announced the promotion of 18 new counsel and consultants in Asia Pacific.

Connie Heng, Regional Managing Partner for Asia Pacific said, "I'm delighted to congratulate these 18 outstanding lawyers who have worked very hard to achieve this milestone in their careers. They are dedicated to their colleagues and have proven themselves to be trusted advisors to clients. Their promotions will strengthen our regional platform across practices, and we wish them every success in their new roles."

The new counsel and consultants are the following (bios and individual photos available upon request):

Zibo Liu - Beijing
Benjamin Lohr - Hong Kong
Ryan Wong - Hong Kong
Luke Chen - Singapore
Chloe Cheng - Singapore
Marcus Berghouse - Sydney
Mark Grime - Sydney
Cameron Reeves -Sydney

Global Financial Markets
Erxin Lu - Beijing
Chengcheng Wu - Beijing
Lin Lu - Hong Kong
Nicholas Mai - Hong Kong
Harrison Tsoi - Hong Kong
Dominik Kepinski - Perth
Mel Chan - Singapore
Mae Yen Teoh - Singapore
Matthew Ball - Tokyo

Litigation & Dispute Resolution
Tania Tse – Hong Kong






  • 刘子博,北京
  • 郭兆龙(Benjamin Lohr),香港
  • 黄励行,香港


  • 吴程程,北京
  • 陆尔馨,北京
  • 蔡昌承,香港
  • 鹿麟,香港
  • 麦传煜,香港


  • 谢颖淇,香港



  • Chloe Cheng,新加坡
  • Luke Chen,新加坡
  • Cameron Reeves,悉尼
  • Marcus Berghouse,悉尼
  • Mark Grime,悉尼


  • Dominik Kepinski,珀斯
  • Mae Yen Teoh,新加坡
  • 陈苡婷,新加坡
  • Matthew Ball,东京