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Clifford Chance advises EQT Private Equity on sale of majority stake in CFB Group

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13 January 2022

Clifford Chance advises EQT Private Equity on sale of majority stake in CFB Group

Leading international law firm Clifford Chance has advised EQT Mid Market fund ("EQT Private Equity") as international counsel on the sale of its majority stake in CFB Group, a Chinese multi-brand food and beverage platform operator incorporated in the Cayman Islands, to Fountainvest Partners.

In 2013, EQT Private Equity acquired a majority stake in CFB Group, and had since grown and diversified CFB Group from a two-brand master franchisee to a leading multi-brand platform operator. Today, CFB Group has a portfolio of brands including ice-cream brand Dairy Queen, pizza brand Papa John's, Brut Eatery, XiaoMian, and San Dao Ru Chuan and has more than 1,100 stores across China.

The transaction was led by partner Bryan Koo, with support from senior associate Ryan Wong, associates Winifred Chow and Cecilia Chan and trainee solicitor Tobias Wong.

Bryan said, "We are pleased to have assisted EQT on their successful exit from CFB Group, helping to strongly position the company for the next phase of growth. This deal reflects our continued focus on private equity and consumer sectors in Greater China."


国际领先律师事务所高伟绅为殷拓集团(EQT)旗下EQT Mid Market基金(“殷拓集团”)向方源资本出售CFB集团多数股权担任国际法律顾问。CFB集团在开曼群岛设立,是中国一家拥有多个食品和饮料品牌的平台运营商。

殷拓集团于2013年收购了CFB集团的多数股权。此后,CFB集团由一个拥有两个品牌的特许加盟店运营商发展成为一家大型多品牌平台运营商。目前CFB集团在中国拥有超过1,100家门店,旗下的品牌包括冰淇淋品牌冰雪皇后(Dairy Queen)、匹萨品牌棒约翰(Papa John’s)、悦璞食堂(Brut Eatery)、遇见小面和三道入川。


本交易由香港办公室合伙人顾至诚 (Bryan Koo)牵头,并由黄励行(Ryan Wong)、周卓颖 (Winifred Chow) 、陈凯盈 (Cecilia Chan) 和黄达聪 (Tobias Wong) 提供支持。