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Clifford Chance

Clifford Chance


Trends in African Merger Control for Transport & Logistics

18 April 2023

The past decade has seen an increasing number of national and regional competition law regimes being established for the first time across Africa, while existing regimes have become much more active in scrutinising transactions, with well-established regimes, such as those in South Africa, WAEMU and COMESA, leading the way. Africa's transport & logistics sector presents significant opportunities for global investors. Contrary to other sectors, the global transport and logistics sector has been performing well since the COVID-19 pandemic, having benefited from an increasing global demand for reliable delivery of goods following a long period of supply chain disruptions.

For investors in the transport & logistics sector, African merger control regimes present unique regulatory challenges. In this note, we highlight five key merger control trends that investors should keep in mind when contemplating investments in the transport & logistics sector with an Africa focus.

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