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Clifford Chance

Clifford Chance


Healthcare, Life Sciences & Chemical Industry

15 June 2017

Companies are exposed to an increasingly complex range of risks, as well as subject to local, regional and international regulations.

A full understanding of an organisation’s current and future risk profile is essential. It is only when decision makers understand the key risks that management can make proper commercial decisions; otherwise organisations are left vulnerable to events that may have adverse repercussions on reputation and corporate strategy. Businesses that meet the new and evolving challenges of risk management stand to gain – by enhancing, and protecting their reputations, and differentiating themselves from competitor organisations that have not reacted as effectively.

The Healthcare, Life Sciences & Chemicals (HLS&C) sectors comprise several industries,each characterized by an above‑average number of regulations and commercial challenges.

In such context, risk management is more important than in most other industries. While corporates in all industries develop and implement risk management strategies to prevent and to mitigate financial losses, in the HLS&C sectors, these strategies must go hand in hand with safety and ethical concerns and companies must research industry trends to ensure that it is ahead, and not behind, the standard.

Our expertise means that we can help our clients find a balance between growth and risk.

This issue of our Healthcare, Life Sciences & Chemical newsletter focuses on certain risks that may arise in these sectors, for which we propose strategies to be considered in the context of risk management.

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Healthcare, Life Sciences & Chemical Industry

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