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Clifford Chance

Clifford Chance


Brexit employment issues: an update

29 March 2017

Article 50 has now been triggered. The instinctive reaction to the 'Brexit' vote was that it would have substantial implications for UK employment law. However, this may not be borne out in practice; at least not in the short term. The Government has proposed that the Great Repeal Bill will maintain the protections and standards that benefit workers; all current EU employment law will be converted into domestic law whatever future relationship the UK has with the EU.

Although the intention is that there will be no immediate change to EU derived employment laws, in practice EU derived legislation with a cross border element (such as that relating to European works councils and cross border mergers) may nevertheless require revision depending on the outcome of the Brexit negotiations.

This Briefing provides an update on some of the key Brexit related employment law issues.

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