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Clifford Chance

Clifford Chance


A first look at Legislative Decree 3/2017, finally allowing legal action for damages in case of breach of antitrust law in Italy

3 February 2017

Italy now has legislation allowing legal actions to seek compensation for damages caused by violations of anti-competition law, starting from 3 February 2017 when Legislative Decree no. 3 of 19 January 2017 ("Decree") will come into force.

The Decree implements Directive 2014/104/UE and governs individual and collective claims by plaintiffs who have suffered damages as a result of a breach of antitrust law by a company or associations of companies, and allows commencement of these actions both in instances where the Italian Competition Authority ("ICA") has already ruled on the breach of law and as stand-alone claims.

This briefing note summarises the principal provisions of the Decree.

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