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Clifford Chance

Clifford Chance annual review 2012

Client Briefing

4 October 2012

This is our third Annual review where we have focused on those issues that we believe most  preoccupy our clients as they guide their businesses through an uncertain and fast-changing landscape.

Against a background of accelerating market globalisation and an ever-more complex regulatory environment, businesses are constantly being driven to break new ground. For our clients,  identifying new opportunities, entering new markets, mitigating new risks and developing new ways of working are part of their daily routine. They look to us for support in facing these challenges.

As a result, we must also pay careful attention to our own evolution to ensure that we continue to meet their needs. That means continuously enhancing our technical, legal and commercial know‑how; developing new products; expanding our capabilities in key jurisdictions; engaging effectively with policymakers and improving the quality and efficiency of our service delivery. As an ambitious firm, committed to exceeding our clients’ expectations, the emphasis is equally on us to break new ground.

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Clifford Chance annual review 2012

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